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Some companies has still had wonders what barcode is, which type of companies should apply barcode,
what the barcode benefit are. The following are the frequently asked and answer responded by GS1 Cambodia.

Barcode is the symbol that generally has black color on it sign and white unite background use for trade item and boxes and while it is passing the scanner it is information store in computer has been shown automatically.

  • Manufactory ,supplier
  • Wholesaler, Retailer
  • Handicraft ,Service
  • Factory
  • Telecommunication
  • Magazine, CD and VCD
  • Association , institute , and other

  • Reduce errors and risks in supply chain
  • Improve  Manufactory efficiency
  • Promoter products to be standard recognition
  • Feasible in export
  • Good stock controls
  • Improve communication between one company to another
  • Unique standard for traded  partners
  • Other.

You need to join GS1 Cambodia and acquire a membership number. This prefix allows you to identify your product with internationally unique number represented in barcode form.

However many you require, they come in blocks of 1,000 or 100,000. We don’t allocate your individual number. You have to allocate your own product number by yourself.

The term “product change “means and change or improvement during the life if a product, decided by the manufactory of the product. In the case described below, the assumption is made that the “new” product replaces the old one. Should the manufactory decided to create a variant (e.g. with different ingredients) in parallel with the standard, a separate unique number has to be allocate.

Minor product change or improvement does not require the allocation of a different GTIN. Example: label artwork design, minor product description change with content unchanged, minor ingredient change. When the product dimension, the packaging type, the product name or brand, or the product name brand, or the product name description, a separate unique number (GTIN) must be allocated.

No, GS1 13, ITF 14 GS1 Data Matrix and GS1-128 barcode have standardized data content, which mean they can be used by any company that has adopted the GS1 System. GS1 barcode has special feather that ensure they are not confused with any other barcode. Other barcode do not have a multi-industry standardized approach to the data they contain and so are only really suitable for use in close system.

General no: The barcode represent the number that simply indent file the item uniquely. All the information about a product is held in a computer database. By scanning the barcode, this information (also description and price) may be retrieved from the database.

The only exception is the specialist numbering systems devised for retail Variable Measure include the price of the item or value of the coupon.