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GS1 Health Care is a voluntary, global Healthcare user group bringing together all related Healthcare stakeholder: pharmaceutical and medical device manufactures wholesalers and distributors, group purchasing organizations, hospital pharmacies, logistics providers, governmental and regulatory bodies, and associations.

2 Membership of GS1 Healthcare

2.1 Voting member

GS1 Healthcare welcomes the following stakeholders as voting members: pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital, pharmacies, logistics, providers and solution providers.

2.2 Non-voting members

Organization with a keen interest in standard development and patient safety may support GS1 Healthcare by participating in the Work teams. Non-voting members are eligible to become members of GS1 Healthcare event, and have full access to documentation and work result s. Associations, regulatory bodies, educational institute and other standard bodies can be non-voting member with no voting privilege.

3. Mission and Vision

The mission of GS1 Healthcare is to lead the Healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standard by bringing together export in Healthcare to enhance patient and supply chain efficiencies.

The gold of the Global Healthcare User group is to be a recognized, open and neutral source for regulatory  agencies, trade organization and other similar stakeholders who are seeking input and direction for global standard in healthcare for patient safety, supply chain security & efficiency, traceability and accurate data synchronization .

4. GS1 Standard at use in the healthcare sector

GS1 Standard enable the realization in the Healthcare sector of all health and economic benefits related to automatic identification, traceability, and data synchronization .

The GS1 System of Standard includes:

  • GS1 Identification keys: numbering schemas for products, location, caregivers, and assets.
  • GS1 Barcodes: several types of bar code, linear and 2-dimensional,for use by GS1 members depending on the application.
  • GS1 EPCglobal : supporting the use of radio frequency identification.
  • GS1 GDSN: ensuring global data synchronization and accurate product data access supply chain partners.
  • GS1 eCom : supporting electronic document interchange technologies.

The global Healthcare user group of GS1 Healthcare welcomes the following stakeholders as voting members: pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers, distributors, group purchasing organization, hospital pharmacies, and logistic providers.

To be eligible to participate in GS1 Healthcare global standard development or local activities, all companies must be a GS1 members in good standing in the country of their home office and pay the annual renewal fee for all GS1 company prefixes or One-off numbers assigned to them based on key allocation Rules.

Regulatory bodies, associations and educational institutes are welcome as non-voting members.

To join the global Healthcare user group , complete the membership registration  form available at contact Ulrike Kreysa at

Join the global Healthcare user group allow you too:

  • Voice your requirements in the standard development process.
  • Be involved in the promotion of global standard toward all stakeholders, including regulatory bodies.
  • Remained informed about the identification regulation and standardization in Healthcare around the world

5. What are the GS1 Healthcare Focus Areas?

The main focus areas for the HUG are the following:

  • prevention of the medical errors
  • Product Authentication
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Increase total Supply Chain efficiency